• 2017-02-21

    When we are packaging the product with extremely low temperature such like the seafood,ice cream ,the freeze production itself will absorb the much heat energy to unlock its freezing condition in the heat shrink tunnel ,which lead to the pof shrink wrap film got insufficient heat...

  • 2017-02-16

    Shanghai Ruimei Packing Material Co.,Ltd is developing the new type of polyolefin shrink wrap film(heat shrink film) that used is packaging the extremely soft product such as the air conditioner filter or other particle HEPA14 filter,and very thinnest magazines. The factory m

  • 2016-12-08

    Polyolefin shrink wrap film is a sort of shrink film which regarded as a sustainable plastic shrink wrap material,it is easy to degrade in the natural environment when preserving in a certain is mainstream shrink film that is leading the package trend in the shrink film...